Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Way to Invest in the Smart Phone Craze

Smart phoes are all the rage right now. Many people use them for surfing the web, texting, and of course, talking to others. In his latest book, "Getting Back to Even", Jim Cramer recommends investing in smart phone technology. Originally he recommended investing in Qualcomm (QCOM) but has recently said that Broadcomm is a better bet (BRCM). These companies produce chips that are used in smart phones. Smart phones are still not widely used in developing countries, and this is an industry that will see major growth over time. Here are some specifications regarding the 2 companies:

BRCM price: $36.38 52 week range: $27-$41 P/E: 19.9 Dividend: 0.40/1.10%
QCOM price: $63.93 52 week range: $45-$64 P?E: 21.8 Dividend: 0.86/1.35%

Cramer's website,, gives a "buy" rating for both.

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