Monday, March 18, 2013

Dave Ramsey Classes for High School Students

In my opinion, this country needs to educate people on the basics of handling money. We know that our federal government sets a poor example on how to do that. Imagine if the average person had $1 million dollars in credit card debt, and acted like it was no big deal, and kept on spending. That is what our politicians do with our money. Financial expert Dave Ramsey know makes it possible for high schools to teach his class to teenagers. This should be a required curriculum in every high school in America. Teach the kids financial responsibility early. Then, they will avoid the pitfalls of credit card debt and making poor decisions. College students are often bombarded with credit card offers from all directions. People who are taught about money early will learn the importance of saving for retirement. Imagine if everyone in America started investing during their teenage years. Retiring at age 65, or for many people earlier, would be no problem. Find out more about the curriculum here:

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